All you ever want to know about the Savannah cat.  Over one hundred pages of information essential to all who own or plan to own a Savannah cat.  The only comprehensive reference that is positively indispensable for both seasoned and novice enthusiasts.  This stitched and bound treasure is prized for both its content as well as its aesthetic qualities.
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The Serval Standard

A standard is defined as an acknowledged measure of comparison for quantitative or qualitative value; a criterion. Many years ago the Serval Standard was written as a method of comparison to use to write the first accepted Savannah Standard for The International Cat Association. The book includes both the current Savannah Standard and the Serval Standard for comparison along with line drawings and examples of good and bad attributes.

The Galleries

The Savannah Cat Book includes several pages of high color pictures of Savannah pets and the people they own.  In addition, there is a gallery of every generation of Savannah, F1 through F7 and SBT’s.  Each picture, hand-picked to show beautiful Savannahs that highlight the standard.

An essential reference for both breeders and pet owners.

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Tools for choosing a pet, breeder or show cat

Detailed, indispensable tools for those who are interested in breeding, evaluating, choosing showing and even understanding the ABC’s of Savannahs.